Kisumu Girls High School - P. O. BOX 811, KISUMU
Name of headmistress: Mrs. Leah A. Muma
Year school was established: 1963
Brief history of the school: Built in 1963 as an offshoot of Kisumu Boys High School. Originally it was a three streamed school. But in 1977, due to high demand for form I places in Kisumu town, two harambee classes were added until 1984 when Misistry of Education took over the two classes making the school a five streamed school. In 1983 - the first 'A'-Level classes, science class, was admitted. In 1896 a second stream of arts was established.
The school has two hotels - built on harambee basis currently accomodating 450 students. It is fully maintained public day school with private boarding.
Number of students: 958
Age range of students: 14-18
Number of teachers: 63
Classes offered: 20
Subjects offered: 18
Percent of students enrolling
in university:
Famous alumni: Mrs. B. Aketch, Mrs. Ruth Ouma, Dr. Salima, Sister Mary Goretty
School colours: white and blue
Sports activities: Basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, soccer.
Location of school: Right next to Kisumu Bus stop on Kakamega Road
National performance in exams: Average - mean of 6.01-6.2. Position 248 in 1999 and 374 in 2000.
National performance in sports: 4th in hockey and 3rd in basketball
School motto: Aspire for Exellence "Excelsior".
Boarding/food/book fees: Ksh. 23,000/= per year
Special activities: March - open day for Form IV parents. April - visited Mama Ngina children's home and took food and clothing. June - open day for form III parents. August - parents day.